Martin Jensen: From Facebook videos to radio airplay

Making people stop scrolling their timeline to watch a Facebook video is a tricky task, but the social media platform is quite the valuable site for the up-and-coming DJ to promote their work. Yet, Danish producer Martin Jensen was able to crack the magic code – by remixing viral videos to create fresh dance hits.

Photo: Facebook

It all started with Cristiano Ronaldo. A chant by the footballer during his acceptance speech for the Ballon d’Or award in 2014 became Jensen’s first target for a remix. saw bubbly, squeaking synths flutter underneath vocals provided by P. Moody.

It was a style of electronica which was very different to his follow-up single, Miracles (feat. Bjørnskov). This saw Jensen create a bouncy song with a helping hand from the ‘Duck Army’ viral videos. With calm piano chords interlaced with an almost guitar-sounding melody, the original rasping squeal of the duck toy cannot be heard. Masked and synthesised, the original sound is no longer apparent, but there’s no doubt that the initial video acted as a springboard for Jensen to demonstrate his talents.

The Danish DJ then took a break from remixing viral videos and instead turned to a toy minion (a character from the Universal movie, Despicable Me) for his next single, All I Wanna Do. Building upon his tropical style, the track involves new marimba-style synth melodies, but maintains the off-beat tempo throughout the chorus. Once again, Bjørnskov lends his vocals to the single, but he offers little progression from his sound in Miracles. Thankfully, it’s Jensen’s ability to create unique tunes which saves his songs from becoming ‘samey’.

The producer spiced things up further in his latest release, Solo Dance. This time, Jensen worked with an unnamed female vocalist after discovering her music through the help of his fans. Compared to the soft sound of Bjørnskov, the featured singer has more of a sassy soul style on a track with more daring high notes. As for Martin’s choice of melody, the poppy, plucky tropical house has slight hints of Kygo in it. As the Danish DJ continues to gear himself towards the musical trends of today with his own flair, it’s no surprise that more people are listening to his music.

The singer has over 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and with over 100 million listens on Solo Dance compared to 28 million on Miracles, it’s clear Jensen’s fanbase is growing with every release. Now, as Solo Dance became Radio 1’s Track of the Day last week, it looks like that’s only set to continue.

More of Martin’s music can be found on Facebook, and on his YouTube channel.


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