The Adelphi Club – A local treasure

After being opened in late 1984, nobody would have expected The New Adelphi Club – a tiny house situated down a shabby street in Hull – to have become arguably the most historical music venue to exist in the East Riding of Yorkshire today. Its many quirky features – such as a bomb site from the Blitz serving as a car park – is the reason it’s so loved.

Photo courtesy of: Syd Young
Paul Jackson, the original owner of the club, turned an ordinary terraced house into a musical community where anyone is welcome, rather than buying a more spacious venue. This gave The Adelphi a very unique and small atmosphere compared to other clubs across England, but there’s something endearing about being in a tiny room that packs you in closer to the performers and the crowd – it’s almost like you’re attending a house party rather than a gig.

Its ongoing thirty-year history proves that both locals and natives thoroughly enjoy attending and supporting artists that are just starting out in the world of music. It may be surprising to know that it has hosted even the most popular of bands during their early careers, such as The Stone Roses, Green Day, Radiohead and Oasis. Bands even make an appearance here after their fame rises, with the Kaiser Chiefs touching down in Hull to celebrate the club’s 30th anniversary back in 2014. However, due to its miniscule size, you had to have been very lucky to grab a ticket.

adelphi 2
The Kaiser Cheifs performing, photo courtesy of: The Adelphi
In terms of what goes on at The Adelphi today, a musician’s night is hosted every Monday, which is an open mic night that welcomes stand-ups, dancers and poets as well as music. Diverse and original artists also perform nearly every night. If you want to play, all you have to do is get in touch with the club and they will more than likely hand you a slot, which is a great way to promote local music.

adelphi 1
Photo courtesy of: The Adelphi
In hindsight, the club is definitely worth a visit if idiosyncratic music and locations are your cup of tea. The more important aspect of this story is to support your local music venues, as you may be missing out on new friendships and fascinating heritage you didn’t even know your community possessed, and discovering new music that you love is always a bonus.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the club, their website is:

Address: 89 De Grey St, Hull HU5 2RU


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