Back to Mono – Lincoln’s vintage record shop

Second-hand vinyl shops are something we don’t tend to come across as much in the modern day, so when we do, there’s something very special about the encounter. Back to Mono situated in the heart of Lincoln is one of these little treasures, and with vinyl making a comeback on the market, it’s definitely the place to be. Continue reading “Back to Mono – Lincoln’s vintage record shop”


Madeon: The French DJ leading the way with interactive EDM

For Hugo Leclercq (known by his stage name of Madeon), it has never been just about the music. Hidden messages, a ‘trilogy’ of music videos and the opportunity to remix his songs are just some of the ways that the French DJ has encouraged fans to get creative. At 22, the producer from Nantes is leading the way for a new kind of electronic dance music – one that is more interactive and transcendent. Continue reading “Madeon: The French DJ leading the way with interactive EDM”

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