Album review: Jamiroquai – Automaton

The rise of electronic funk has always been teased by the music industry over the years. Artists have always flirted with groovy bass riffs but never dared to go further. That is, until Jamiroquai returned with their latest album – Automaton – which presented us with a new mix of electronica and funk which we had never seen before. Continue reading “Album review: Jamiroquai – Automaton”


Album review: Temples – Volcano

With their successful album Sun Structures being released back in 2014, Temples became an exciting new band to be welcomed into the psychedelic rock scene, giving Tame Impala and MGMT a run for their money. Three years later, they’re back with a new album Volcano, but does it live up the high expectations Sun Structures gave us?

Continue reading “Album review: Temples – Volcano”

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